Frantoio Olive

Origin Tuscany,
Italy ; Purpose: Oil


  • The Tree —Frantoio is of medium vigour and has a drooping medium dense canopy. It has an intermediate start to bearing and is renowned for its adaptability.
  • The Fruit — The fruit is oval shaped of medium size without a nipple and many small lenticels. The fruit ripens late in the season and is phased; however oil accumulation is much earlier with an early to intermediate harvest period.
  • The Oil — Frantoio produces exceptionally high quality olive oil that is highly regarded around the world. The oil is well balanced and fruity and has good stability. It is also easy to process.
  • Agronomic Characteristics — Frantoio is highly productive with consistently heavy yields. Frantoio is sensitive to cold and peacock spot. Frantoio has good quality pollen but benefits from cross-pollination to maximize production.
  • Comments —This variety is established in more countries than any other. Frantoio is the world’s best known oil producing olive and well renowned for the flavour of oil that it produces. Its performance in some of the warmer areas of Australia is yet to be proved.