Picholine Olive

Origin France ; Purpose: Dual


  • The Tree — Picholine is of medium vigour with a spreading semi dense canopy. It comes into bearing early and is able to adapt to different environmental conditions. Under irrigation productivity is high and constant.
  • The Fruit — The most important French table olive variety as far as market share is concerned. Fruit shape is elongated and oval with no nipple. The fruit is very evenly sized with low rejection rates when processed for the table. This fruit pickles best for green table fruit and has a free stone. Picholine will ripen mid to late season.
  • The Oil — Picholine gives a medium oil yield.
  • Agronomic Characteristics — Picholine produces heavy and consistent yields. The tree is cold tolerant and especially resistant to peacock spot. Picholine produces significant amounts of pollen, with high germination capacity and in Israel it is regarded as a good pollinator for Barnea.
  • Comments — Early production from this variety in Australia has produced some high quality, well-balanced and exciting oil.